Why is high quality equipment necessary to run a profitable mushroom growing farm?

Why is high quality equipment necessary to run a profitable mushroom growing farm?


A mushroom growing farm can be a very profitable venture if it’s being run correctly. One of the most important things that a farm’s success depends on is the equipment. Why exactly is high quality equipment necessary to achieve success in this field? We’ll elaborate on this topic below.

Mushroom picking lorries

High-tech, modern mushroom picking lorries ensure fast and safe picking, which in turn allows for maximizing the farm’s profits. They are the cornerstone of every mushroom growing farm and their quality directly affects the business’ efficiency.

Mushroom growing farm lamps

Only high-quality lamps that maintain the necessary degree of leakproofness will be durable enough to survive for a long time in a mushroom growing farm. Replacing regular lamps (e.g., ones meant for offices) frequently is not only costly, but also time consuming, so they are not the best choice.

Mushroom growing shelving

There’s a world of difference between good and cheap mushroom growing shelving, so the former is the way to go. High quality shelving needs to be replaced very rarely, as it’s resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage.

Growing nets

Growing nets are used to pull the substrate onto the mushroom growing shelving and removing it after usage. It’s an important task, so the nets’ quality is crucial. With the help of a durable growing net, it will be done with maximum efficiency and that the net won’t get easily damaged.

Mushroom scales

Lowering labor costs is one of the best ways to raise the farm’s profitability. One of the ways to do it is by replacing traditional, wired mushroom scales with battery-powered ones, which are very durable and precise. The battery rarely needs to be replaced, thus saving workers’ time.

Mushroom growing farm climate control

Mushroom growing farms need to maintain unique climate, so the yield will be both of the highest quality and quantity. Modern climate control systems raise the farm’s profitability, not only by maximizing the yield, but also by optimizing such processes as cooling and ventilation for lower costs.

Mushroom picking knives

Knives may not seem essential when it comes to the farm’s profitability, but they are. Weak handles and dull blades can lower the workers’ efficiency and require frequent replacements. High-quality mushroom picking knives aren’t very expensive and manage to avoid such problems.

Irrigation system

Automated irrigation system is necessary for a modern mushroom growing farm. It’s extremely precise and always only the optimal amount of water to the fungi, which allows for their proper development.

Proper irrigation ensures that the fungi will develop well and be of highest quality. Modern irrigation systems are highly automated, which save the workers’ time and allows them to spend time on other matters, while the equipment deals with watering fungi at optimal times.

Growing tunnel covers

To ensure the quality of the yield, growing tunnel covers can’t allow hole formation or penetration. Good covers, made of durable materials, can serve the farm for many years without such issues occurring.

Running a profitable mushroom growing farm without high quality equipment is difficult if not outright impossible. The matter of which equipment is chosen directly affects the farm’s efficiency, as well as quality and quantity of the yield. GROWTIME’s technologically advanced, durable equipment is the best choice for every modern mushroom growing farm.