Top 8 Business Development Skills

From keen negotiating skills to the abilities to listen and foster trust, there are several key personality traits that business owners should hone when focusing on biz dev. — Getty Images/kali9

Every business needs new customers to keep growing. That’s why business development is so important: The relationships and value you build through “biz dev” activities like networking and collaborating are what ultimately lead to sales conversations with prospects.

So what business development skills do you need to truly make a difference for your organization? According to small business leaders and marketers, you should focus on improving these traits to generate more leads and build stronger customer relationships.


Negotiation is at the heart of any business deal. Through excellent negotiating, you’re able to get better outcomes for both parties through effective communication, said Lewis Goldstein, president of Blue Wind Marketing.

“Learning to master negotiation will make a major difference

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We’ve To Push Further Down”

A research by Professor Andrew Burke, the founding Director of the Bettany Centre for Entrepreneurial Efficiency and Economics at Cranfield College of Administration, found exactly this.

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Most businesses have each a strategic marketing plan and a tactical advertising plan, and it is very important keep these two platforms separate. Principally, but I think slides 6 through eight need to be updated now that gross sales and advertising are predominantly on-line. Pretty much any on-line enterprise – be it consumer or enterprise – boils right down to the identical unit economics: customer acquisition price and lifelong worth. These slides present the unit economics and depth of the marketing channels (what number of customers are you able to acquire?). Business Plan Credit Restore Providers – Govt Abstract of Hilary J.F Credit Consulting® firm, LLP is a registered and licensed financial consulting agency specializing in credit repair … Read more

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