How to Grow Your Business With Self-Investment, Education and Authenticity

“Tu historia tiene poder,” says Grow with Google coach Mary Rabago. “Your story has power.” You can tell your story and reach your audience with a solid online presence. — Getty Images/kupicoo

It can be challenging to grow a business digitally without the right tools and strategies. An even bigger challenge for entrepreneurs is understanding how to establish trust and communication with consumers.

Mary Rabago, a Grow with Google coach and founder of Mary Rabago Productions, teaches her clients that the best way to grow your business is by establishing a digital presence using a variety of tools, which can help you organize information about your business, engage customers and provide a space for you to tell your entrepreneurial story.

“You have a digital presence, and you can use this as your business platform, social media platform, [and] to engage with new customers,” Rabago stated.

Here are four ways that

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